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Ideas for the perfect home office

As hybrid working has become the norm, people are looking for ideas to create a the perfect office or workspace at home. Aspects such as lighting, temperature, noise and humidity can have an effect on our productivity. We have to adapt our living spaces to accommodate a workspace where we can focus and are comfortable. The ideal is a separate room which is soundproofed, equipped with ergonomic furniture, properly lit and a pleasant aspect. But not everyone can devote a room to office space, so flexibility of living spaces is important. Here we take a look at some ideas for creating the perfect home office.

Where should my home office be located?

For many people one of the main challenges of working from home is a feeling of isolation and lack of impromptu interactions. To avoid loneliness locate your office somewhere where you can connect with the community that you live in i.e., a room at the front of the house. Or locate your room somewhere with a view that will lift your spirits. Preferably, you want to situate your office away from children/teenagers’ bedrooms where you may be disturbing each other.

How do I set up a home office without a separate room?

In some homes there maybe be several people working with hybrid options and not everyone can have a separate office. Children may not like studying in their bedrooms. So, it is important to create a space within the living space that can allow you to step away at the end of the day. If you cannot afford a separate room there are many alternatives for designing a workspace that can be hidden away at the end of the working day. You may design a desk into a unit that flips out, conceal it in a cupboard or extend a work top. We may design bespoke joinery to allow your office to be hidden at the end of the day.

What type of furniture should I choose for my home office?

Sitting in one place for a long time is as much of a health hazard at home as it is in the workplace. Most furniture in the home is not designed for office use. So, it is time to invest in an ergonomic chair that will support your back or a height-adjustable table. Many office furniture companies provide reasonably priced ergonomic chairs and desks. A feature desk can add character to the space especially when teamed up with a nice desk or floor lamp. If space allows a comfortable chair for reading is a good addition. Also, it allows you break up the day and have a social online chat with a colleague. Sufficient storage is also important and 15% of any living or office space should be storage

What’s the best lighting for work from home productivity?

Good lighting design is a key factor in creating a productive and also pleasant work environment which can help our well-being.

Natural light: We always recommend that you place your chair somewhere with natural light. Daylight provides many benefits and is a natural way to avoid seasonal affective disorder(SAD) – a depression that is associated with lack of sunlight.  In order to avoid direct light use blinds which diffuse the light to avoid glare. Natural light in these energy conscious times it is a way to reduce your electricity bills and be sustainable.

Artificial lighting: Sometimes access to natural lighting is not possible. With some people working with teams in different time zones, night work is essential. It is important to have the right balance of lighting for your office. If it’s too harsh it causes eye strain and headaches. If it’s too dim it can cause drowsiness and lack of focus. General lighting in your workspace should be provided by ceiling lights, wall fixtures and windows offering an even level of illumination. A desk lamp maybe useful for task lighting to provide focused light exactly where you need it.

Conferencing lighting: To look your best on conference calls natural light is always the best way to illuminate yourself. Never sit with a window behind you because your face will be in shadow. If natural light is not available you need to use soft directional lighting. If possible, use multiple light sources pointed at your face to fill in shadows and make the overall room lighting as even as possible.

How to plan your electrical and data points for your office?

It is important to plan for electrical and data points in all rooms through the house. Different building materials block wireless signals and Wi-Fi signal can be unreliable even when using adaptors.  Consider the equipment you’ll be using in your new home office such as PC’s, monitors, printers, scanners, phones and any other equipment you will need for the day-to-day basics. Once you think you’ve identified all the equipment and you have decided on your desk position discuss your requirements with your electrician. Desk grommets routing your wires through your table top can help organise your cables. Cables can be neatly concealed in a tower accessory and under table trays purchase from an office solutions company

How do you maximise storage in your home office?

Everything you need to use on a daily basis to complete your work should be within arms reach. Keep clutter from overtaking your desk with wall mounted or floor storage. Bulky items such as wireless printers can be placed in another room. Choose a desk with a drawer where you can store your laptop so that it doesn’t encroach on your living space. Build a wall of storage using bespoke joinery and use hallways or empty alcoves for bookcases. Have some open storage to display reference books or binders and closed storage to conceal less uniform files and folders.

Bespoke book shelving
How do I add a touch of character?

Furniture, lighting and home accessories all add a touch of character to your home office. For teleconferencing, bookshelves behind a desk can often add personality if there are items of interest on the shelves. A piece of artwork, framed certificates and awards on a wall behind the desk, can often add a bit of interest. Accent lighting can add character and personality to your office by featuring artwork . Use unexpected pieces of antique furniture and repurpose it to become a unique home office storage idea. The more effort you put into creating your home office the more you will enjoy working there. Avoiding those hackneyed filters and creating your own backdrop will reflect your own personality in a positive light.