John and Francesca Ryan, founding partners of CPR Architects, have a wide range of experience in the private and public sector. The practice has been involved in delivering a variety of residential, office and retail projects. Our work includes buildings located in challenging compact urban plots, in conservation areas, and in areas of beauty around Ireland. As RIAI Grade 3 Conservation Accredited Architects we have restored and adapted many period houses to modern day lifestyles. The reuse of existing building stock is a key contribution to sustainable development and improves the appearance of the local streetscapes. But the practice also prioritises sustainability by designing in a way that maximises energy efficiency. As passive house designers, we may design your home to meet the highest level of energy efficiency. Another key focus for CPR Architects is obtaining value for money on their client’s behalf. At the outset of the project, we research viable alternatives and solutions to suit your budget. The practice’s aim is to ensure quality in both design and workmanship while also monitoring the budget carefully. Finally, we at CPR Architects believe we have the vision and experience to exceed your expectations and deliver a project that meets your needs.

John Ryan Architect

John completed his architectural degree at UCD and is a registered architect as well as a member of the RIAI. John’s post graduate career started in London working primarily on high profile public projects for ABK Architects. After that John worked with Scott Tallon Walker, Dublin, working as project architect on several commercial and public projects. Following this experience with renowned architects, John decide to set up CPR Architects with Francesca (Camilleri-Preziosi) Ryan. John is an RIAI Grade III Registered Conservation Architect and Certified Passive House designer.

Francesca Ryan Architect

Francesca grew up in Malta and trained in London at UCL. Following a number of years working with ABK in London, she moved to Dublin to develop her career. She is a co-founder of CPR Architects and as a RIAI Registered Architect she has extensive experience of working on residential and commercial projects in Ireland.  Francesca has a passion for interiors and has built a working relationship with a wide number of trusted suppliers and craftsmen.

When do you need an Architect with Conservation Experience?

If you own a historic building which is listed on the Local Authorities listing of Protected Structures then you will need a Conservation Architect to restore or adapt it meet modern uses. But all traditional buildings also benefit from the skills of an architect experienced in the restoration of period homes.  As RIAI Grade 3 Conservation Architects we have the expertise will advise you about its reuse, its repair and its reimagining. Our experience will guide a project through design, planning and compliance with the building regulations. For more details about our work to historic homes, view our conservation projects.